Automated Steel Drum (Pan) & coin op

  • This really rare Marvelous Arcade machine is any amount of coins per play. Plays MIDI files arranged especially for the Steel drum. Contains C melody Lead Pan, bass drum, snare drum, tambourine, maraca as well as high and low bongos. Only 4 in existence, choose from light or dark cabinet. The light cabinet shows a coin comparitor which is included in the MIDI operated units. The dark cabinet is a roll operated unit and is merely for consideration of color. The coin comparitor allows it to play and operate on any number of single coins from any country. Square coins from Aruba will not work. More than 1,000 tunes included in the play list. Measures 24" wide, 23" deep and 78" tall. Hear this model play by clicking on some of the videos of a dark cabinet below: . Click here for a video of one of these playing "Lambada" . Click here for a video of this playing "Mambo Italiano". Click here for a video of this playing "Amor ala Mexicana". Click here for a video of this playing "Coco Jamboo". Click here to see this play: "Caribbean Tim". Click here for a video of this playing "Hot Hot Hot" . Click here to see this play "Island Girl" by . Click here for a video of this playing "Don't Worry, Be Happy". Click here to see this play "Jammin". Bid with confidence, considering our perfect 100% feedback on 3000+ transactions! In other countries this may be known as: Band Orgel Bandet orgel バンドオルガン Группа органа बैंड अंग fascia d'organo banda de órganos 밴드 기관 organe de bande 樂隊器官 乐队器官 音乐盒 乐队器官 muziekdoos soittorasia boîte à musique Spieluhr μουσικό κουτί संगीत बॉक्स kotak musik オルゴール 오르골 جعبه محتوی ساز کوکی ىَçûêàëüيàے ّêàٍَëêà caja de mْsica speldosa موسیقی باکس Blwch Cerddoriaeth We built two automated guitars for Apple Records around 2001. One was put in the office at Apple records and George Harrison took one home. His widow Olivia still has one in her home in London. What kind of people buy our products? People like you, George Harrison and these other famous customers giving me a video endorsement: Richard Donner, Oscar award winning director of Superman 1 and 2, Lethal Weapon, X-Men, The Gooneys, Omen and many more had this to say when asked how he learned abuot me: Photo Gallery - click to enlarge Peter Jackson, director of "Lord of the Rings". King Kong, District 9 and The Hobbit - Click here to see a video of Peter and I as he comments on his new purchase. Bid with confidence, considering our nearly perfect feedback3000+ transactions!

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