Typical 1920s WWII Era Jewelry

  • Typical 1920s WWII Era Jewelry This pin has a airplane propeller over red, yellow and blue with wings. Below on the back ” Lavelle & CO”, something I cannot read and “With DC, Sterling”. I know what dump-picking is like! I started doing it in 1942 and ended it mostly in the 1980s when they closed dumps. There were about 7 years I didn’t engage while in military and college. I was told that O.R., who lived six miles from 3 local small villages about 40 miles northeast of La Crosse WI began dump picking in around 1941 and also ended in the 80’s with town dumps (there were still numerous farm dumps (I found a motorcycle sidecar in one in 1974)). O.R. Used his 1928 - 30 Model A pickup (the only transportation he had) until his neighbor whisked him off to the nursing home (he was close to freezing to death) in around 1990 or so. There is much to story about O.R. and I wish I had time to do a book about him. His nephew trusted me to go through the sheds and purchase things that I wanted. If I was too short on my offers, he’d take them home and put them on a rummage sale. That is where a few pins/medals/mementos came to me from in around 1993 and during a few years after. And, after all the sheds were torn down. I have no proof of origin but just like my 1953 Navy uniform with two medals disappeared after I was honorably discharged, O.R. likely found these in the dump after WWII; and then I bought them from his nephew in the early-mid 1990s. Please be sure to read the description Sold As IS; and if you have any questions please call us at Phoneco. No returns. We are not responsible for your mistake for not reading our description. Review images for representation of item(s) you are purchasing. If you would like combined shipping, please wait until you have received your final invoice before making payment. If you have any issues with item after receiving, please contact us before leaving negative feedback. Your business is greatly appreciated! Shipping applies to the lower 48 States, please send an email if you have questions or to request shipping charges for International shipping, and shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico which will cost extra as determined by weight and size. Orders outside the United States will be shipped the most economical way available to us, and costs may be higher than the shipping cost shown on this listing.

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