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#41 Roller Chain 10 Feet with 2 Connecting Links

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BrandJW MPN41-1 x 10ft
MPN41-1 x 10ft


Our eBay Store Contact Us On Sale! #41 Roller Chain 10 Feet with 2 Connecting Links - Brand New - Free Shipping within the Continental United States - Same business day order processing before 12:30PM PDT - Satisfaction Guaranteed Pitch Size (p) : 0.500 Inch Roller Diameter (d1 max) : 0.306 Inch Width Between Inner Plates (b1 min) : 0.246 Inch Pin Diameter (d2 max) : 0.141 Inch Pin Length (L max) : 0.541 Inch Pin Length (Lc max) : 0.591 Inch Inner Plate Depth (h2 max) : 0.390 Inch Plate Thickness (T max) : 0.051 Inch Average Tensile Strength: 2400 lb Material: Carbon Steel Length: 10 Feet Weight Per Foot: 0.275 lbs Product Description: All of our chain products have gone through stringent process measures for Best Quality! This includes heat treatment, which ensuring the optimum ware life and toughness for all component parts. Solid hardened and shot peened precision rollers are standard on most of our chains. The bushings provide a smooth roller bearing effect reducing the impact load as the chain engages the sprockets tooth. During chain assembly, all chain components are oriented to ensure pins, bushings and side plates are correctly positioned for optimum chain strength and long life. Assembled chains are then dipped in a hot lubricant. This lubrication and the process in which it is applied greatly improve the ware life capacity of the chain and further protect it from the effects of the environment. All of our chains are factory preload. They are pretested to support and maintain the expected load the chain will see when in use. This helps align the chain parts which will minimize the initial elongation. This will drastically increase the life of the chain. About Us: Jeremywell International, Inc. is a leading firm in power transmission and mechanical products. Our main products are Chains and Sprockets. We provide all varieties of standard and special chains, such as: Driving Chains, Conveyor Chains, Automobile/Motorcycle Chains, Agricultural Chains, Leaf/Hoisting Chain, Escalator Chains, Stainless Steel Chains, Metallurgical Chains and etc. Besides the Chains and Sprockets, we also carry Pillow Block Bearing, Shaft Collar, Bearing, Spindle Assembly and many other products. Here at Jeremywell our goal is to deliver the best value products with excellent service to all of our customers. We believe by consolidating all the mechanical products to one easy and hassle free online shopping site will make your purchase experience more enjoyable. We believe our superior quality, excellent customer service and competitive price will be at your satisfaction! Please feel free to message us if you have any questions or concerns of our products. New! Premium Quality! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed All the applications indicated in this posting are for reference only. If you are not 100% sure this is what you need, please find out the part number or model number and message us to confirm before your purchase. Please note our BEST OFFER option is for customers interested in Bulk Quantities

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