128 GB Retropie 4.4 SD Card - Premium Collection With Video Previews & 3D Boxart

  • 128 GB Retropie SD - Ultimate Collection with Video Previews & 3D Boxart What’s included: Class 10 Samsung 128GB MicroSD EVO Select (or SanDisk Ultra 128GB microSDXC depending on stock) with Adapter. Stop troubleshooting and start playing! Ready for PLUG & PLAY, loaded with over 15,000 games & RetroPie 4.4 (Released April 2018 - The only version compatible with the new Raspberry Pi 3 B plus, built off Raspbian Stretch version). Pre-Loaded SD Image comes with over 15,000 games from 50 classic gaming systems . Each system allows you to sort games by Single or Multiplayer, Genre, Favorites and many other options. As you scroll through the game collections, you can watch video previews of them from the menu even before you decide to play it. Box art and Title/Marquee art is overlayed on the video preview for a sleek and attractive browsing experience. Favorites menu comes pre-loaded with selected favorites from multiple systems to get you started, you can add/remove any game from the favorites menu with a single button-press. Don’t be let down by bogus SD card listings promising 100k games, or 300+ Playstation games. Many aren’t even compatible with the system or are duplicates. There are sellers out there that want to deceive you to make a quick buck. You can be assured that this collection has been carefully curated in order to bring you a the best list of classic video games that you want to play. ALSO INCLUDES MOST RECENT VERSION OF KODI: Launches from RetroPie Game System Menu Systems: Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) : 887 Games Famicom: 385 Games Famicom Disk System: 70 GamesSuper Nintendo: 781 GamesSuper Famicom (Japanese Exclusives with English Translations): 540 GamesSatellaview/Nintendo BS-X: 65 GamesNintendo 64: 303 GamesGame Boy: 851 GamesGame Boy Color: 536 GamesGame Boy Advance: 1067 GamesVirtual Boy: 24 GamesSG-1000: 74 GamesSega MasterSystem: 344 GamesSega Mark III: 70 GamesSega Genesis: 941 GamesSega Megadrive (Japan Exclusives): 232 GamesSega CD: 15 GamesSega 32X: 33 Games(NEW!) Sega Dreamcast: 12 GamesSega Game Gear: 335 GamesTurboGrafx 16: 94 GamesPC Engine (Japan Exclusives): 289 GamesSuperGrafx: 5 GamesTurboGrafx 16 CD: 46 GamesPlayStation (PS1): 35 GamesPSP Minis: 84 GamesMAME: 1644 GamesFinal Burn Alpha: 45 GamesCapcom (Playsystem 1, 2 & 3): 96 GamesCave: 21 GamesDaphne (Laser Disc): 12 GamesNeo-Geo: 142 GamesNeo-Geo Pocket: 9 GamesNeo-Geo Pocket Color: 40 GamesAtari 2600: 653 GamesAtari 7800: 59 GamesAtari Lynx: 76 GamesWonderSwan: 110 GamesWonderSwan Color: 91 GamesVectrex: 15 Games(NEW!) Magnavox Odyssey² / Videopac: 70 GamesCommodore 64: 2231 Games*(NEW!) Intellivision: 120 GamesColecoVision: 140 GamesMSX: 505 Games(NEW!) Sharp X68000: 276 Games(NEW!) Amstrad CPC: 358 Games(NEW!) Sinclair ZX Spectrum: 463 GamesNES Classic Edition: 30 GamesSNES Classic Edition: 21 GamesKodi *Please note that while the Commodore 64 system has been set up to utilize joysticks and/or game controllers, it is still necessary to use a keyboard for some functionality. All other systems can be operated with just gamepads. Frequently Asked Questions Q: I'm looking around at different cards, what's unique about this one? A: 1.) I use a top-of-the-line Samsung EVO Select Micro SD Card (or SanDisk Ultra microSDXC depending on stock) (these are the highest rated on Amazon). Check other listings, make sure you're not getting cheap garbage from China that overheats, runs slow, or is prone to corrupting. 2.) The games and emulators actually work and there are no duplicates or known-non-working games. I've taken the time to make sure everything is set up exactly how it needs to be so you're not disappointed when you start using your card. 3.) Removed ADULT games. Not trying to censor anything, but there are some weird bootleg and adult themed games that are quite graphic. Imagine showing this off to a group of work-friends, or setting it up in a child's room only to find out there are 100's of X-Rated games. I've taken the time to remove these from the menu. You can add them later if you really want them. :) 4.) I support you. Look at my feedback. I will help every single buyer to make sure that you are set up and running after you purchase the card. I want you to have a positive experience and will almost always be available to reply to text messages or even phonecalls to help you out. Most people are working right out of the gate, but occasionally people need a little guidance. I'm happy to help! Q: What do I need in addition to this card to get going? A: A Raspberry Pi 3 with a power supply, a game controller and an HDMI cable. Wouldn't hurt to get a case and some heat syncs either. Q: Can I play this on my PC/Mac computer? A: No, sorry. This is specifically built to run on the Raspberry Pi micro computer. Q: Hey, do you have "X" game? A: Probably! With over 15,000 games, there are too many to list here. Most game systems have their full game library, while some of the more advanced CD based systems are limited to the "greatest hits". If there's something you're really interested in, just shoot me a message and ask. I'll let you know if it's on there and I respond quickly. Sorry, I can't add any additional games for you, but you are able to do that yourself. Q: What controller/case do you recommend? A: There are a lot of choices and there's plenty of information online for people to peruse. It comes down to personal preference. Wireless/Bluetooth/Wired controllers, sleek cases, cases that disperse heat or cases 3D printed to look like classic consoles. There are lots of options! Since this system contains games that utilize the analog sticks on a controller (PS1, N64) then I would recommend a controller that has analog sticks, like the XBOX Wireless controllers. For a case, my recommendation would be the FLIRC case (2nd Generation). ### Current Playstation Game Library ###Battle HunterBreath of Fire IIIBubble BobbleCastlevania - Symphony of the NightChrono CrossCrash BandicootCrash Bandicoot 2 - Cortext Strikes BackCrash Bandicoot 3 - WarpedCTR: Crash Team RacingDead of AliveFinal Fantasy IXFinal Fantasy TacticsFinal Fantasy VIIFinal Fantasy VIIIGran TurismoGran Turismo 2Legend of Dragoon, TheMetal Gear SolidOneRe-VoltResident EvilResident Evil 2Resident Evil 3 - NemesisSilent HillSpyro The DragonSpyro 2 - Ripto's Rage!Spyro - Year of the DragonSuikodenSuikoden IITekken 3The Raiden ProjectTomb RaiderTony Hawk's Pro Skater 2Vagrant StoryWWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game

BrandRaspberry Pi Non-Domestic ProductNo
Custom BundleNo ModelRetroPie
Modified ItemNo MPNDoes Not Apply
PlatformMulti-Platform Hard Drive Capacity128GB
BrandRaspberry Pi
Non-Domestic ProductNo
Custom BundleNo
Modified ItemNo
MPNDoes Not Apply
Hard Drive Capacity128GB

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