$ 344.10 MXN
  • This is a brand new 4.2" Grav sherlock smoking pipe. Beautiful design and great color. This is just a all around classy sherlock pipe that will never let you down. Durable glass and beautiful design.5mm thick glass2.1 ounce weight 4.2" tall1" wideFree shipping inside of the United States.Meraki Glass Pieces wraps and ships by hand to ensure all pieces arrive safely to their location.Meraki Glass Pieces quality inspect all of our items prior to shipping to ensure order accuracy and a great customer experience.Meraki Glass Pieces recommends washing any glass pieces with warm water prior to use. There may be some residue left over on the item from the glass blowing process. ORDERING DETAILS:These glass pieces are hand made. They each have slight differences that makes them all one of a kind. Processing times vary depending on how many orders we currently have, we try our best to meet these shipping estimates, but we can not guarantee them.There can be some variations in color of the items that are shown on the listing compared to what you recieve. Sometimes blues look darker or some detail does not show up (etc..)as well in the photos we take. PLEASE NOTE:By purchasing these glass pieces you agree and confirm that you are of legal age, or older, to purchase tobacco pipes in your state. You also confirm that this glass pipe is legal for sale in your area. You assume any and all liability if you breach this confirmation. All items are intended for tobacco use only.Returns need to be submitted with pictures of the broken item(s) within two days (2) of receiving the package from the carrier from the day shown on the confirmation.Our return policy is just for damaged items and not for incorrect purchases. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

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