Antique Coin Op Select Em Dice Trade Stimulator Countertop

  • Circa 1930s. Coin operated trade stimulator, most likely displayed on a counter of a retail store / hardware store / pharmacy, etc. Overall good condition. Machine works fine – insert a quarter, press in and pull out and the dice bounce and twirl around the circle. The number selector handle can be moved, but the number doesn’t change – probably needs a little adjustment. The wood-toned cover panel is made of tin – graphics are decent, but some of the paint has flaked off and other parts are bubbling up. Also some corrosion around the edges. Glass cover is intact except for a tiny chip in one corner. There is no way to dispense gumballs or other items. The piece states “No Rewards or Prizes Paid” and “For Your Amusement Only”. The customer would play by inserting a quarter. The store clerk would determine the prize - a cigarette, candy bar, or other such item. Includes a key, but only a screwdriver is needed to turn the lock cylinder on top. Measures 17 ½ inches long, 10 inches wide, 5 inches deep. Weighs over 12 pounds. Great addition to your coin op machine collection. Please do not send payment until after you receive an invoice. Note that final shipping cost is based on package weight, distance across postal zones, and insurance, which is calculated according to sale price. International buyers: Complete checkout through Ebay. If you have questions on the shipping calculation, please send me your zip and I’ll provide the best possible price via USPS. If you are dissatisfied because of misrepresentation, please contact me and I’ll arrange for return / refund to your satisfaction. 12-16 / 19-12-7

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