128 GB Retropie 3B+ & 3B SD Card - ULTIMATE Collection V2! 70+ Systems! Videos!

  • 128 GB Retropie Micro SD Card - ULTIMATE Collection with Video Snap Previews and Attractive Interface OVER 17,000 GAMES AND OVER 70 SYSTEMS! What's included: SanDisk Ultra Class 10 A1 128GB Micro SD Card with the adapter (or Class 10 Samsung 128GB MicroSD EVO Select, depending on stock). Stop the frustrations of building your own and start playing on this one right away! Ready for complete PLUG & PLAY, this micro SD card comes loaded with over 17,000 games & RetroPie 4.4! (Perfect for Raspberry Pi's 3B+ and 3B Models) Pre-Loaded micro SD card comes with over 17,000 games from over 70 classic/retro gaming systems. Included are video previews of the games within each console's menu, giving you a quick peek at what each game is before even needing to start up that game. Box art and Title/Marquee/Cart art (where applicable) is also included for an attractive and memorable browsing experience. Systems: Amiga: 122 Games Amiga CD32: 32 Games Amstrad CPC: 55 Games Arcade/MAME: 2315 Games Atari 2600: 648 games Atari 5200: 72 games Atari 7800: 58 Games Atari Lynx: 75 Games Atari ST: 437 Games BSX Satellaview: 113 Games Capcom CP System 2: 39 Games Capcom CP System: 28 Games Capcom CP System 3: 6 Games Cave Capcom Play System: 28 Games Cave Story: 1 Game Coleco Vision: 140 Games (NEW FOR V2!) Commodore 64: 2231 Games* Dreamcast: 13 Games Family Computer Disk System: 189 Games Game & Watch: 52 Games (NEW FOR V2!) Game Boy: 851 Games (NEW FOR V2!) Game Boy Advance: 1067 Games Game Boy Color: 535 Games Game Gear: 248 Games Infocom: 3 Games Intellivision: 121 Games Mega Drive: 190 Games MSX 2+: 46 Games MSX: 518 Games MSX2: 161 Games (NEW FOR V2!) N64: 303 Games Neo Geo: 140 Games Neo Geo Pocket: 9 Games Neo Geo Pocket Color: 40 Games Neo Geo System: 148 Games NES Classic Edition: 30 Games (NEW FOR V2!) Nintendo DS: 548 Games* Nintendo Entertainment System: 778 Games Nintendo Family Computer: 364 Games Odyssey^2: 81 Games OpenBOR: 22 Games PC Engine: 288 Games PC Engine CD Rom: 11 Games PC Games: 25 Games Playstation 1: 77 Games PSP: 6 Games PSP Mini: 10 Games ScummVM: 5 Games Sega 32X: 33 Games Sega CD: 24 Games Sega Genesis: 769 Games Sega Mark III: 70 Games SEGA Master System: 273 Games SG-1000: 58 Games Sharp X68000: 101 Games Sinclair ZX Spectrum: 375 Games Sufami Turbo: 15 Games Super Famicon: 464 Games Super Grafx: 5 Games Super Nintendo Classic Edition: 21 Games Super Nintendo System: 790 Games Tec Toy: 30 Games Technos: 16 Games TI-99/4A Computer: 129 Games Turbo Grafx 16: 94 Games Turbo Grafx CD: 11 Games Vectrex: 23 Games Virtual Boy: 20 Games Wonder Swan: 110 Games Wonder Swan Color: 91 Games HACKS NES Hacked: 14 Games SNES Hacked: 219 Games Game Boy Hacked: 19 Games Game Boy Advance Hacked: 5 Games Sega Genesis Hacked: 34 Games Sega Game Gear Hacked: 4 Games Super Mario World Hacked: 101 Games Misc. HACKS: 105 Games*Please note some systems has been set up to utilize joysticks, game controllers, or gamepads but it may still be necessary to use a keyboard of some kind for full functionality/interfacing... Such as NDS games that require microphone will crash sometimes as there is no microphone input. C64 may require keyboard. CHECK OUT MY OTHER LISTINGS IN MY STORE! WANT MORE OF A CERTAIN GAME?WANT ALL OF JUST ONE CONSOLE?WANT ONLY CERTAIN GAMES AND NONE OF THE OTHER ONES? If any of above questions sound like you, whether you're wanting to build a perfect console of just one generation or you really need certain games and don't care about the rest, just SEND ME A MESSAGE! There's a VERY HIGH CHANCE I can get you the retro games you want or need and even wrap them up onto one sd card that's plug and play and ready to go for you! ANY ORDER PLACED THROUGH Sekaimon or Shop Airlines will be cancelled and refunded automatically. I offer my listings to be shipped globally and am done with Sekaimon and Shop Airlines abusing the shipping system. SD Card is pre-loaded with RetroPie, and Emulation Station which are Free and open sources of software. Disclaimer I do not own any copyrights.RetroPie and included in it software is free and can be found on RetroPie official website ROMS are widely available in the Internet and it is easy to find them free. You are only paying for the service which is my time I spend creating this image and setup!You are not paying for any ROMS By purchasing ANY files from me you are contractually agreeing to the rules mentioned below: You own a licence for any ROM / image you download. You will NOT distribute any of these files illegally.

BrandRaspberry Pi Non-Domestic ProductNo
ModelRetroPie Modified ItemNo
MPNDoes Not Apply PlatformMulti-Platform
Hard Drive Capacity128GB
BrandRaspberry Pi
Non-Domestic ProductNo
Modified ItemNo
MPNDoes Not Apply
Hard Drive Capacity128GB

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