GENUINE HP ENVY 45W 19.5V 2.31A AC POWER ADAPTER TPN-LA04 853490-001 854116-850

  • Trusted, Qualified and Recognized eBay Seller! We stand 100% behind our product! Buy with confidence! Genuine HP 13 14 Envy 13 15 Envy x360 13 15M6 Pavilion x360 11 13 14 15 Convertible Series45W 19.5V 2.31A AC Power Adapter TPN-LA04853490-001 854116-850 PA-1450-63HP Please Note, this item is used and may have minor scuffs andscratches, but is fully operational and functions as intended! Genuine HP 13 14 Envy 13 15 Envy x360 13 15 M6 Pavilion x360 11 13 14 15 Convertible Series 45W 19.5V 2.31A AC Power Adapter TPN-LA04 853490-001 854116-850.Model Number: TPN-LA04HP Part Number: 853490-001HP Spare Part Number: 854116-850Lite-On Part Number: PA-1450-63HPSpecifications:Watts: 45WInput: 100-240V ~ 1.4A 50-60HzOutput: 19.5V - 2.31AConnector: 4.5mm barrelCompatible Models:HP 13" Laptop Series: 13-ad009la 13-ad105la 13-ad106la 13-ad107la 13-ah0001la 13-ah0002la 13-ah0003la 13-ah0004la 13-ah0053la 13-ah0054la HP 14" Laptop Series: 14-am019TU 14-am030TX 14-an003AXHP Envy 13 Notebook Series: 13-AB020NR 13-ab001TU 13-ab001la 13-ab002TU 13-ab002la 13-ab003TU 13-ab004TU 13-ab004la 13-ab005TU 13-ab006TU 13-ab006la 13-ab007TU 13-ab007la 13-ab008TU 13-ab009TU 13-ab010TU 13-ab011TU 13-ab014TU 13-ab015TU 13-ab016TU 13-ab017TU 13-ab018TU 13-ab019TU 13-ab020TU 13-ab021TU 13-ab022TU 13-ab029TU 13-ab030TU 13-ab031TU 13-ab032TU 13-ab033TU 13-ab034TU 13-ab035TU 13-ab036TU 13-ab037TU 13-ab038TU 13-ab039TU 13-ab040TU 13-ab041TU 13-ab042TU 13-ab043TU 13-ab045TU 13-ab046TU 13-ab047TU 13-ab048TU 13-ab049TU 13-ab050TU 13-ab051TU 13-ab052TU 13-ab053TU 13-ab054TU 13-ab055TU 13-ab056TU 13-ab057TU 13-ab058TU 13-ab059TU 13-ab060TU 13-ab061TU 13-ab062TU 13-ab063TU 13-ab064TU 13-ab065TU 13-ab066TU 13-ab067TU 13-ab068TU 13-ab071TU 13T-AD000 13T-AD100 13T-AH000 13-AD010NR 13-AD024CL 13-AD055NR 13-AD056NR 13-AD057NR 13-AD0XX 13-AD100CA 13-AD110CA 13-AD120NR 13-AD192MS 13-AH0001CA 13-AH0002CA 13-AH0003CA 13-AH0004CA 13-AH0010NR 13-AH0051WM 13-AH0075NR 13-ad001TU 13-ad001la 13-ad002TU 13-ad002la 13-ad003TU 13-ad003la 13-ad004TU 13-ad004la 13-ad005TU 13-ad005la 13-ad006TU 13-ad007TU 13-ad007la 13-ad008TU 13-ad009TU 13-ad010TU 13-ad011TU 13-ad012TU 13-ad013TU 13-ad014TU 13-ad015TU 13-ad016TU 13-ad017TU 13-ad018TU 13-ad029TU 13-ad030TU 13-ad031TU 13-ad032TU 13-ad033TU 13-ad034TU 13-ad035TU 13-ad036TU 13-ad037TU 13-ad038TU 13-ad039TU 13-ad040TU 13-ad041TU 13-ad042TU 13-ad043TU 13-ad044TU 13-ad045TU 13-ad046TU 13-ad047TU 13-ad048TU 13-ad049TU 13-ad050TU 13-ad051TU 13-ad052TU 13-ad053TU 13-ad054TU 13-ad055TU 13-ad056TU 13-ad057TU 13-ad058TU 13-ad059TU 13-ad060TU 13-ad063TU 13-ad064TU 13-ad065TU 13-ad066TU 13-ad067TU 13-ad068TU 13-ad069TU 13-ad070TU 13-ad071TU 13-ad072TU 13-ad073TU 13-ad074TU 13-ad075TU 13-ad076TU 13-ad077TU 13-ad078TU 13-ad083TU 13-ad084TU 13-ad085TU 13-ad086TU 13-ad087TU 13-ad100TU 13-ad101TU 13-ad102TU 13-ad103TU 13-ad104TU 13-ad105TU 13-ad114TU 13-ad115TU 13-ad116TU 13-ad117TU 13-ad118TU 13-ad119TU 13-ad120TU 13-ad121TU 13-ad122TU 13-ad123TU 13-ad124TU 13-ad129TU 13-ad130TU 13-ad131TU 13-ad132TU 13-ad133TU 13-ad134TU 13-ad135TU 13-ad136TU 13-ad137TU 13-ad138TU 13-ad139TU 13-ad140TU 13-ad141TU 13-ad142TU 13-ad143TU 13-ad144TU 13-ad145TU 13-ad146TU 13-ad147TU 13-ad148TU 13-ad149TU 13-ad150TU 13-ad151TU 13-ad152TU 13-ad153TU 13-ad154TU 13-ad155TU 13-ad156TU 13-ad157TU 13-ad158TU 13-ad159TU 13-ad160TU 13-ad161TU 13-ad162TU 13-ad163TU 13-ad164TU 13-ad165TU 13-ad166TU 13-ad167TU 13-ad168TU 13-ad169TU 13-ad170TU 13-ad171TU 13-ad172TU 13-ad173TU 13-ah0000TU 13-ah0001TU 13-ah0002TU 13-ah0003TU 13-ah0010TU 13-ah0011TU 13-ah0012TU 13-ah0013TU 13-ah0014TU 13-ah0015TU 13-ah0016TU 13-ah0017TU 13-ah0018TU 13-ah0019TU 13-ah0020TU 13-ah0021TU 13-ah0022TU 13-ah0023TU 13-ah0024TU 13-AB016NR 13-AB055NR 13-AB056NR 13-AB057NR 13-AB067CL 13-AB077CL 13T-AB000HP Envy 15 Notebook Series: 15-aq055na 15-aq101na 15-ar002na 15-as001na 15-as102na 15-bp005na 15-as004la 15-as005la 15-AS010CA 15-AS014WM 15-AS020NR 15-AS027CL 15-AS031NR 15-AS032NR 15-AS043CL 15-AS068NR 15-AS091MS 15-AS120NR 15-AS133CL 15-AS151NR 15-AS152NR 15-AS166NR 15-AS168NR 15-AS182CL 15-AS184CL 15-AS191MS 15T-AS000 15T-AS100 15-as001TU 15-as001la 15-as002TU 15-as002la 15-as003TU 15-as035TU 15-as036TU 15-as037TU 15-as038TU 15-as039TU 15-as040TU 15-as041TU 15-as042TU 15-as043TU 15-as044TU 15-as045TU 15-as046TU 15-as047TU 15-as048TU 15-as049TU 15-as050TU 15-as051TU 15-as101TU 15-as102TU 15-as103TU 15-as104TU 15-as105TU 15-as106TU 15-as111TU 15-as112TU 15-as113TU 15-as114TU 15-as115TU 15-as116TU 15-as117TU 15-as118TU 15-as120TU 15-as121TU 15-as122TU 15-as123TU 15-as124TU 15-as125TU 15-as126TU 15-as127TU 15-as128TU 15-as129TU 15-as130TU 15-as131TU 15-as132TU 15-as133TU 15-as134TU HP Envy x360 13 15 Convertible/Touch Laptop Series: 13-ag0001la 13-ag0002la 13-ag0003la 13-ag004la 13-ag0052la 13-Y013CL 13Z-AG000 15T-AQ200 15T-BP000 15T-BP100 15T-CN000 13-AG0007CA 13-AG0010CA 13-Y023CL 13-Y034CL 13-Y044CL 13-Y084CL 13-Y094CL 13M-AG0001DX 13M-AG0002DX 13T-Y000 15-AQ015NR 15-AQ018CA 15-AQ110NR 15-AQ120NR 15-AQ123CA 15-AQ155NR 15-AQ156NR 15-AQ165NR 15-AQ166NR 15-AQ173CL 15-AQ193MS 15-AQ210NR 15-AQ267CL 15-AQ273CL 15-AQ292CL 15-AQ293MS 15-AQ294CL 15-AR010CA 15-BP010CA 15-BP018CA 15-BP051NR 15-BP110NR 15-BP143CL 15-BP152WM 15-BP175NR 15-BP198MS 15-BQ008CA 15-BQ051NR 15-BQ075NR 15-CN0008CA 15-CN0013NR 15M-BP011DX 15M-BP012DX 15M-BP111DX 15M-BP112DX 15M-BQ021DX 15M-CN0011DX 15M-CN0012DX 15T-AQ000 15T-AQ100 15T-AQ100 15Z-AR000 13-y073nr 15-aq002la 15-aq118ca 13-ag0000AU 13-ag0001AU 13-ag0002AU 13-ag0003AU 13-ag0004AU 13-ag0008AU 13-ag0009AU 13-ag0010AU 15-bq001AU 15-bq002AU 15-bq003AU 15-cn0001la 15-cn0000TU 15-cn0001TU 15-cn0002TU 15-cn0003TUHP Envy x360 M6 Convertible Laptop Series: M6-AQ003DX M6-AQ005DX M6-AQ103DX M6-AQ105DX M6-AR004DXHP Pavilion x360 11 13 14 15 Convertible Notebook Series: 14-AL018TX 15-AU027TX 15-AU028TX 15-AU034TX 15-AU039TX 15-AU040TX 15-AU041TX 15-aw002AX 11-u019TU 11-u020TU 11-u021TU 13-u013TU 13-u014TU 13-u015TU 13-u016TU 13-u017TU 13-u018TU Payment & Shipping Policy: You will receive an "Order Confirmation" email within 24 hours of the time you placed your order. 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BrandHP TypeAC/Standard
MPNTPN-LA04 853490-001 854116-850 PA-1450-63HP Max. Output Power45 W
Output Voltage(s)19.5 V Output Current2.31 A
UPC735899044650 Compatible Product LineFor HP Envy
MPNTPN-LA04 853490-001 854116-850 PA-1450-63HP
Max. Output Power45 W
Output Voltage(s)19.5 V
Output Current2.31 A
Compatible Product LineFor HP Envy

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